Cinderella Hair Extensions

• The finest quality and softest pre-bonded remy human hair.

• Hair extensions come in 44 different colours.

• Pre-bonded hair extensions have a protein-moulded bond (PMB) ensuring hair extensions stay in their original form until the time they are ready to be removed.

• Hair extensions attach to human hair with unparalleled strength.

• Bonds melt at a low temperature to protect fine and course hair alike.

• Hair extensions are flexible and blend with your own hair to create a natural finish.

• Hair extensions can be removed easily from hair with bond remover and removal instrument.

• Cinderella Hair Extensions leave you with the best quality hair extensions and strong bonds that will last.

Pennsylvania hair extensions salon's Cinderella hair extensions colors.

Pennsylvania Hair Extensions Salon

Pennsylvania hair extension salon, Mane Headlines, presents the best in healthy hair extensions. No wigs. No bonding. No gluing. It is painless. It is totally natural. Look younger and feel happier!

Hair extensions are available in every color, texture, length and style for fullness or length as well as long or short term hair extensions.

Call 717-248-4562 for a complimentary 15 minute hair extension consultation or contact us for an appointment!

Hair Extension Maintenance Tips

Mane Headlines Hair Salon applying blond hair extensions.
  • Brush hair before washing, starting from the ends, working towards the roots, separating the root area.
  • Wash hair at least once a week using a oil and silicone free shampoo.
  • Always wash hair in an upright position, never over a basin or bath.
  • Wash hair gently with warm water and carefully squeeze out excess water. DO NOT RUB!
  • When applying conditioner, DO NOT apply onto bonds, only from mid- length to ends.
  • DO NOT use protein or silicone based conditioner as the hair will tangle.
  • Detangle hair first before drying.
  • Never leave hair wet or damp as this will shorten the life span of the bonds.
  • If the hair is longer than shoulder length, tie a loose plait or ponytail before going to bed.
  • If scalp is greasy wash hair frequently and rinse with cold water.
  • After application of extensions, DO NOT wash hair for 24 hours.
  • Shampoo and dry hair as soon as possible after swimming.
  • Make sure to keep maintenance appointment in two weeks to check extensions and replace any extensions if necessary.