Hair Coloring Tips

• Hair color highlights is a great way to add tone to monochromatic hair (pure brown, jet black).

• Beware of hair coloring that has green, blue, or purple undertones. If these hair colors are mixed with warm tones, your hair color will turn out green.

• The hair color levels (1 to 12) you see on hair coloring boxes are the lightness or darkness of the hair color. Level 1 is black (darkest) and level 12 is light blond.

• "Complimentary colors" are opposite each other on the color wheel. If you want to neutralize unwanted highlights, choose the complementary color. For instance, red will cancel out an ash undertone, and an ashen color neutralizes any red highlights in your hair.

• Progressive dye hair coloring continually adds more color with each use. For example, if you are coloring blond hair black, your first use of a progressive hair color may not give the desired result. After continued use, however, the blond hair will turn jet black.

• Both hair coloring and hair color highlights are chemically based. If you are pregnant, be sure to check with a doctor before coloring your hair.

Hair Color Salon in PA

Looking for a good hair colorist in Pennsylvania? Mane Headlines provides fabulous hair color highlights and lowlights that accentuate the line of their expert haircuts.

Mane Headlines specializes in foil highlights, hair color correction, single process color, double process and gray blending.

Mane Headlines Hair Color Specialist use Goldwell hair color. Goldwell hair coloring products sets the standard for professional hair coloring throughout the world and has been used by top models and celebrities.

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Styling Salon foil hair coloring highlights.

Hair Coloring in PA

Shimmering blonds, sultry reds, lustrous browns, whatever your shade, Mane Headlines hair color experts understand that your hair coloring is an expression of your style and personality.

The Mane Headlines hair coloring staff uses a variety of highlighting techniques as well as the traditional methods. Mane Headlines chooses the best color and the most Earth-Friendly products. Our exceptional training requirements assure that each visit to Mane Headlines ends with beautiful hair coloring that completes your total look and makes you feel great!

Hair Color Highlights

Only strands of hair are colored or bleached unlike the overall hair coloring mentioned above. Hair color highlights make the strands of hair lighter than your natural hair color, using either color or bleach.

Lowlights, on the other hand, make the strands of hair darker and, thus, can only be achieved with hair coloring. Lowlights, also known as Gray Reduction, are often recommended to lesson the percentage of gray.

A partial foil highlight gets the hair at the top and sides of the head. A full foil hair color highlight also includes all the hair in the back and bottom, for those who like to have highlights when their hair is up.